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Yoga Can Help Keep Your Chiropractic Adjustment In Place Longer

Many patients have a problem of maintaining their chiropractic adjustments long enough. That may happen due to many reasons, including failure to abandon poor body postures or not figuring out which types of exercises can help improve the posture. Yoga is increasingly becoming popular around the world, with an estimated 20 million people in the US investing their time and money to learn and adopt the best yoga practices. Combining yoga and chiropractic care has been confirmed to offer even more benefits to patients. If they perform the best yoga poses before and after chiropractic adjustment, they are likely to learn how to keep the spine properly aligned over longer periods of time and heal better.

There are many reasons why yoga can be used to maintain the results achieved with chiropractic adjustment. The top chiropractic benefits of yoga include but are not limited to the following:

Keeping the spine aligned properly

Yoga poses can help you to realign the spine, and that’s also what chiropractic care is all about. When performing yoga, your body is encouraged to maintain natural postures. That makes you more aware of the need to maintain proper body posture even as you go on performing other day to day activities. Through yoga your body trains to keep your spine aligned properly, so the risk of undoing any chiropractic adjustments is significantly reduced. Remaining calm through a yoga session, can improve your sense of well being and help you sleep better.

Strengthening the back and core muscles

The core muscles play a critical role in supporting your back as the body shifts its weight to many possible positions. Certain yoga poses target and train the core muscles to make them stronger. That helps to perform a variety of normal activities without the core muscles failing in their role of supporting the spine. As long as the core muscles are strong, the risk of exerting more pressure on the spine and misaligning it is significantly minimized.

Improving mobility

Yoga improves the mobility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons as they are stretched through many poses you can practice. So the functioning of the spine and the soft tissues around it is optimized. Chiropractic issues increase with poor mobility, so yoga and a variety of stretching exercises can be very useful preventing such problems. So after your chiropractic adjustment yoga should help you maintain the results you gain much longer. Regularly performing yoga exercises means that you are not sitting longer than necessarily, but you are moving around and stretching your body muscles to relieve any stress that causes issues of chiropractic nature.

Toning body muscles and losing weight

Yoga like other exercises deals with stress and similar problems that may be the cause of overeating and gaining more weight. With yoga poses you only focus on the positive gains you want to make. The poses encourage breathing techniques that increase oxygen supply into your body including the central nervous system. The exercises have the effect of getting your body in shape, losing weight and in turn minimizing or eliminating many possible pain issues. Stay tuned for more great tips from River Of Life.

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Corporate Wellness Pro Tip: Preventative Chiropractic Helps Prevent Sick Leave

Employee sick leave caused by physical hazards at the workplace can increase a company’s down time. Chiropractic care can help prevent such work absenteeism and improve work productivity. Doctors who provide chiropractic care are known as chiropractors. These doctors are specialists in the muscular skeletal system which involves the muscles, joints and bones as well as the nervous system which coordinates the body’s functions. Chiropractors diagnose and treat conditions affecting the muscular skeletal and nervous system without use of drugs or surgery.


Common illnesses that call for sick leave


Many workers will stay away from work when they have mental or physical illness. Some of the common illnesses that make employees not to report to work include:


  • Back pain – back pain from prolonged sitting hours is reportedly among the leading causes of work absenteeism and can lead to disability or other chronic conditions.
  • Neck and shoulder pain – poor sitting posture is the leading cause of these pains for most workers
  • Headaches and migraines – these are caused by a number of issues including long hours working on a desktop
  • Fatigue and stress – these happen when you overwork your mind and body
  • Work injury – repetitive movements or poor lifting can cause muscle or joint injury


How chiropractic helps to reduce sick leave in Traverse City


Organ and cell function in the body is controlled by many nerves that travel through the spinal canal. Irritation or compression of the spinal joints and nerves can block flow of food nutrients to the nerves and poor nerve flow can lead to poor body function. Chiropractic care therefore applies the principle of aligning the spine to its rightful position manually and using nutrition to create an environment where the body will heal naturally.


Poor sitting posture at work or muscle strain can pull the vertebrae out of place and cause inflammation or joint pain. This may often result to fatigue, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and general stress. The manual therapy focuses on repositioning displaced vertebra that may be pressing on the body’s nerves. Nerve function also relies on nutrition and that is why chiropractors advocate for good nutrition on your diets. Spine manipulation will promote good nerve flow for normal body functioning.


Chiropractic adjustments can give faster recovery to these complications than typical practitioner care. With good chiropractic care, you will have an improved body function, flexibility and mobility to resume work quickly. Getting adjusted can help in reducing the number of times you will be on sick leave.


Need for corporate chiropractic care


Chiropractic care for workers can include preventative measures that will help reduce injuries like spinal screening that will lead to chiropractic treatment and professional advice on nutrition, ergonomic or postural issues.


Both employers and employees can evaluate the health-related issues that increase absenteeism and work towards improving working conditions that contribute to either physical or mental pain. For instance, areas that cause physical stress like making repetitive movements and sitting or standing all day can be improved with new methods that eliminate the stressful conditions.


Managers wishing to reduce sick leave cases in their organizations can consider highlighting the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which can include routine chiropractic sessions. Chiropractic care is a preventative approach that organizations can take for a happier and healthier workforce that will reduce the cost of hiring new personnel.

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Can Chiropractic Help Get Rid Of Back Pain From Sitting In An Office Chair?


For people who sit at work, chiropractic care is important for the health of their spines. Sitting the whole day at the work place can cause wear and tear on the spine. This will often result in back pain. If the vertebrae compress on the nerves in the spine, flow of nutrition will be altered and compromise on your health. There is need for frequent movement that will promote perfect ergonomic position and alignment of misplaced vertebrae to make way for efficient nerve flow. Good chiropractic care will promote healing without need for drugs or surgery.


Here are the reasons why people who sit at work find chiropractic beneficial:


Proper nerve function


Chiropractic treatment involves physical manipulation of the spine which reduces pressure on the nerves. Nerves function poorly when exposed to pressure from bulging discs or inflammation of muscle tissue. Sitting for long hours at work puts a lot of pressure on the spine’s discs and if the built up pressure is not released, nerves will be compressed or even get exposed to wear. The manual therapy will align dislocated discs and promote nutrition flow for normal functioning of the body.

Minimal use of pain pills


Routine chiropractic care can help people who sit at work avoid use of drugs when they have pain in their back, neck or shoulder resulting from long sitting hours. Good chiropractic care minimizes the occurrence of inflammation or injury which causes recurrent back pain.

Improved mobility


People with back pain from prolonged sitting hours at the workplace will benefit from chiropractic sessions. The treatment will involve application of sudden but controlled force to improve your range of motions if mobility has been compromised by injury from poor sitting posture. In addition to relieving back pain, this manual manipulation will also help prevent further injury if you sit for long hours at work.


Improved immune system


Research shows that people who get regular chiropractic care have strong immune systems and are not susceptible to cold or flu attacks like people who have never had any chiropractic treatment. If you are in good health, you will attend work normally and reduce the need for regular sick leaves.

Quick recovery from pain


Unlike traditional practitioner care that involves use of drugs or surgery to reduce pain, chiropractic care uses a hands-on approach to relieve pain. Chiropractic sessions only take a few hours and a patient is able to go home soon after the treatment. You can also resume your work soon after the therapy unlike surgery that requires adequate rest for one to gain its benefit. Your doctor may recommend routine therapies to minimize levels of physical injury and boost your mental performance.


Even as you enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care, an ergonomically sound work setup is essential for your spinal integrity. One chiropractic session is not enough. Consider getting routine chiropractic care from your nearest chiropractic clinic for improved productivity at the workplace and general health. Chiropractic care should always be given by a certified professional in a licensed medical facility.

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Sleep Better With Chiropractic Care

Sleep is vital for your body and brain to improve and to continue functioning normally for your overall health and well being. When you have any back pains, neck pains or any health issues affecting your muscular skeletal systems, you are likely not going to get enough sleep. Chiropractic care can address most of the muscular skeletal or overall health issues that may be denying you sleep.


When you start sleeping better your central nervous system functioning also improves significantly. The brain starts sending all the signals it needs to send to the main nerves and auxiliary nerves. Many nerves are concentrated around the spine from where they link the brain to the rest of your body up to the toes. If there is too much pressure on the spine resulting to a bulging disc problem, communication signals from the central nervous system to the rest of your body do not flow as they should. That too may affect your ability to fall asleep and to stay asleep for the right number of hours needed. Without sleep your body doesn’t get enough rest and that can easily lead to stress and other serious health issues over time.


Chiropractic care helps address most of the health issues related to lack of sleep. More than 70 different types of sleep disorders are known to lead to insomnia, a condition that affects many people today. With insomnia you find it very difficult to fall asleep and therefore your body is denied the rest it deserves. Most people with insomnia are likely to cause accidents if they drive or operate machines that could hurt them or other people. Medications used for most sleep disorders do not always work as expected while they often cause serious side effects if used for a long time.


Chiropractic adjustments on the other hand are recommended because when any mis-alignments in the spine are fixed, the nerves begin to function better and your body becomes more relaxed. It is possible to fall asleep when your body doesn’t have any tensions. A chiropractor can help patients with serious sleeping disorders to learn the best sleeping positions and any products they might need to help them. There are certain types of pillows that can help patients with neck pains to sleep well and over time heal completely. Every patient is usually examined to determine the best chiropractic care suitable to help address their specific conditions.


With the right chiropractic care, a lot of muscular skeletal and overall health issues can be addressed. When you get the right chiropractic adjustment and massage from an experienced chiropractor, all the pressure points on your spine or any other part of your body are effectively targeted. You get the much needed relaxation and pain relief especially if you have been experiencing back pain or neck pain that makes it hard to fall asleep. Endorphin hormones are also released after well being adjustments or massage. They are released from the central nervous system and are important in reducing stress to make you sleep better. Chiropractic care encourages yoga and related exercises alongside other important lifestyle changes needed for better sleep.

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