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What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

If you are investigating chiropractic in Traverse City and want to know what a chiropractic adjustment is then, read on! A lot of people wrongfully fear chiropractic adjustments, which are done by chiropractors. The purpose of a chiropractic adjustment is to restore joint movement. It involves a vertebra’s position being shifted by the skilled hands of a chiropractor. This adjustment is administered on a spine joint that is not moving as it should be. One type of adjustment is a spinal adjustment procedure. It is used to relieve lower back pain. Before the chiropractor carries out any adjustments, they must do a physical examination and get to know which joint or bone has a fault. This is a core analysis in chiropractic adjustment since the spine is the backbone for all nervous system controls and hence affects various aspects e.g. pain, relief, organ dysfunction, etc.

FAQ’s About Adjustments and Chiropractic in Traverse City MI

Many people are worried about the urgency, accuracy and time period of adjustments as they try to understand the effectiveness of this technique. Below are some of the common questions asked by patients before undergoing chiropractic in TC MI:

  • Is an adjustment compulsory on the first day? No. An adjustment totally depends on what the chiropractor concludes in his examination of your body. The adjustment may be required but at the end of the day, the chiropractor’s report and also his opinion on the matter will determine whether or not the adjustment will be administered.
  • How long do I have to endure the pain of an adjustment? Not long really. First of all, the procedure is not 100% pain; it has some relief in between. Secondly, the adjustment can last only a few minutes but afterwards, you will have to let the body heal itself since it isn’t the adjustment that heals the body, but the body itself.
  • How long do I have to attend the adjustment sessions? This is all up to you. Your sessions with a chiropractor can range from a few weeks to a couple of months to even an ongoing wellness care plan where the patient decides on consistent chiropractic healthcare to maintain a certain level of health.
  • How long until the healing begins? The healing can begin as soon as the chiropractor adjusts your dysfunctional organ. However, it may take some time for you to realize body relief. After the initial adjustment, you may notice some positive change but for a dramatic change, it may take weeks of chiropractic healthcare to achieve.


A very common question running on everyone’s lips is, ‘Is an adjustment safe?’ The answer is a big YES. When administered by a trained and licensed professional, the chiropractic adjustment is a very safe procedure that is available for all ages. Astonishingly, adjustment is even used on small babies after an injury during an attempted walk or maybe from the birth process. Interesting note: Statistics shows that OTC drugs are 100 times riskier compared to chiropractic healthcare.

After the adjustment, numerous patients claim that they are experiencing a sense of well-being or a feeling of peace and serenity from within. The most harm it can cause to your body is minor muscle spasms and inflammations that may delay the positive results of chiropractic healthcare. Every day, individuals opt for chiropractic in TC over surgery and/or drugs as a smarter advance towards better healthcare.

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Looking for Headache Relief in Everett Washington..Try Chiropractic

Did you know that headaches affect more than 90% of the population? The exact cause of headaches cannot be pointed to a single factor. To put it in simple terms, a headache is an indication of something wrong in the body. This could be high blood pressure, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, muscle tension, stress, poor lighting, poor diet, hunger, dehydration and a lot of other causes. Tension headaches are the most common. Chiropractic can help with headache relief by eliminating tension in muscles or defects on the spine. If you are in need of headache relief in TC MI then, read on…

Are Headaches a Serious Problem?

They can be but, most of them are mild and will go away after a few hours. These types of headaches feature localized pain e.g. pain behind your eyes, on either or both sides of the head or the crown of your head. The serious types of headaches usually are from migraines and tension. These types of headaches can recur for days or even months. Such headaches are serious because they affect your day to day activities. For example, you might experience nausea, blurred vision, pain, throbbing in your head and the pain can even move to other areas of the body. Your chiropractor can administer treatment for headache relief in TC MI for both serious and non-serious headaches although the former is harder to do.

How Can My Chiropractor Help With Headache Relief in Northern MI?

A chiropractor can administer treatment for headaches through adjustments. It is common to find that a headache is caused by a subluxation in the spine. A problem in the spine affects the nerves and neural systems and may cause a headache. The chiropractor will look for these subluxations and correct them to provide relief. This will, however, be preceded by a physical examination. During the examination, the chiropractor will try to find the cause of the headaches. MRI and X-ray examinations can be incorporated for more accurate diagnosis. The chiropractor may relieve tension in the neuromusculoskeletal system when administering chiropractic adjustments.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Headache Treatment?

Chiropractic is very safe for you and can relieve headaches without any damage to your body. For instance, the chiropractor could try some neck adjustments if your headaches are caused by a problem in your neck. A chiropractor is skilled in doing these adjustments and will very rarely cause damage. Also, when compared to conventional treatment for headaches, chiropractic is much safer. It eliminates the use of aspirin and other pain medication. These over the counter drugs can affect your health worse than the headache in the long run.

What if the treatment doesn’t work?

Headache relief through chiropractic can be somewhat tricky to administer. For chronic headaches, the methods used in chiropractic may not be effective. This is not because chiropractic doesn’t work but because headaches are caused by different things. There are some headaches which are caused by organic conditions. People with diabetes or cancerous growth could also experience a chronic headache. When your chiropractor notices that you are not making significant progress, he or she can refer you to another medical professional. This way, you will get to know the exact cause instead of starting from square one and taking pain medication.

So, if you need headache relief in TC MI, chiropractic care is a safe option you should take a very close look at. Don’t suffer through debilitating headaches that might be fixed in the snap of a finger (or neck) any longer.

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How to Choose the Best Chiropractor in TC MI [For You]

Chances are that you have tried one of us out or are curious to try. However, there are also some cases of chiropractors doing a bad job. Being human, it is natural to feel uneasy when you hear of chiropractic cases gone bad. Such cases should not discourage you to try chiropractic care. As it is with other professions, there are both bad and good chiropractors. When it comes to selecting a chiropractor, it is good to take your time to weed out the bad ones and end up with the good. Luckily, phony chiropractors are few due to tight restrictions by governments. Here are some things you can do to find the best chiropractor in TC for you.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Chiropractor in TC

  1. Do Your Research: The importance of doing research cannot be stressed enough. Depending on the complication you are experiencing, there are different procedures that can be administered because some of the techniques are a bit complex. Get to know what you need to have done before visiting a chiropractor. Doing so will help you know which questions to ask. For instance, you can ask the chiropractor over the phone how much experience they have in a certain You can find such information on the Internet or medical journals.
  2. Ask About Their Academic Qualifications: A chiropractor has to undergo a minimum of four years of professional study. The professional study is preceded by four years of undergraduate education in a course that is related to medicine and chiropractic. Academic qualifications are a very important factor to consider. You can even ask if they have pursued further education i.e. specialized in nutrition, radiology, orthodontics or any other medical field. The schools or colleges that they attended have the names of graduates so you can always check if the academic qualifications are legitimate.
  3. Inquire About the Estimated Cost and Payment Options: As a patient, it is your responsibility to know the price of the chiropractic procedure. You can inquire this from the chiropractor or their secretary. The fees stated should include fees for adjustments as well as others such as x-rays, MRI scans and also consultation fees. This will help you to choose the most affordable one. Another important consideration is consultation fees. Before asking anything, ask if they charge for a consultation. You could get billed for asking innocent questions about the services offered. Even if they charge a consultation fee, you can still benefit from their insight and their services too.

Also, when researching the best chiropractor in TC make sure to ask about payment options. Do they take your insurance? If you don’t have insurance or they do not take yours be sure to ask if they have payment plans. Also, ask about military, family or senior citizen discounts.

  1. Inquire About the Types of Services They Offer: One quality of a good chiropractor is that they can administer multiple types of techniques. Techniques such as neck adjustments, flexion distraction, massage therapy and spine adjustments should be familiar to a chiropractor. Ask the chiropractor about their experience administering these techniques and if they have received training in these areas. You can also ask which procedures they would recommend for different complications. If you get a puzzled look or uncertainty, you should look up the chiropractor online to see if they are legit.
  2. Length of Specific Treatment: Make sure they have a plan outlined with timelines on what the treatment will be and how long it should take. This helps with budgets and any surprises towards the end of your treatment.

It’s a big job choosing the best chiropractor in TC for you and your family but it’s worth the time to do your due diligence while making your choice. All in all, while the above recommendations are rock solid, you must pick a chiropractor that you feel good around and communicating with so you can receive the best chiropractic care.

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