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Looking for Headache Relief in Everett Washington..Try Chiropractic

Did you know that headaches affect more than 90% of the population? The exact cause of headaches cannot be pointed to a single factor. To put it in simple terms, a headache is an indication of something wrong in the body. This could be high blood pressure, low blood pressure, low blood sugar, muscle tension, stress, poor lighting, poor diet, hunger, dehydration and a lot of other causes. Tension headaches are the most common. Chiropractic can help with headache relief by eliminating tension in muscles or defects on the spine. If you are in need of headache relief in TC MI then, read on…

Are Headaches a Serious Problem?

They can be but, most of them are mild and will go away after a few hours. These types of headaches feature localized pain e.g. pain behind your eyes, on either or both sides of the head or the crown of your head. The serious types of headaches usually are from migraines and tension. These types of headaches can recur for days or even months. Such headaches are serious because they affect your day to day activities. For example, you might experience nausea, blurred vision, pain, throbbing in your head and the pain can even move to other areas of the body. Your chiropractor can administer treatment for headache relief in TC MI for both serious and non-serious headaches although the former is harder to do.

How Can My Chiropractor Help With Headache Relief in Northern MI?

A chiropractor can administer treatment for headaches through adjustments. It is common to find that a headache is caused by a subluxation in the spine. A problem in the spine affects the nerves and neural systems and may cause a headache. The chiropractor will look for these subluxations and correct them to provide relief. This will, however, be preceded by a physical examination. During the examination, the chiropractor will try to find the cause of the headaches. MRI and X-ray examinations can be incorporated for more accurate diagnosis. The chiropractor may relieve tension in the neuromusculoskeletal system when administering chiropractic adjustments.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Headache Treatment?

Chiropractic is very safe for you and can relieve headaches without any damage to your body. For instance, the chiropractor could try some neck adjustments if your headaches are caused by a problem in your neck. A chiropractor is skilled in doing these adjustments and will very rarely cause damage. Also, when compared to conventional treatment for headaches, chiropractic is much safer. It eliminates the use of aspirin and other pain medication. These over the counter drugs can affect your health worse than the headache in the long run.

What if the treatment doesn’t work?

Headache relief through chiropractic can be somewhat tricky to administer. For chronic headaches, the methods used in chiropractic may not be effective. This is not because chiropractic doesn’t work but because headaches are caused by different things. There are some headaches which are caused by organic conditions. People with diabetes or cancerous growth could also experience a chronic headache. When your chiropractor notices that you are not making significant progress, he or she can refer you to another medical professional. This way, you will get to know the exact cause instead of starting from square one and taking pain medication.

So, if you need headache relief in TC MI, chiropractic care is a safe option you should take a very close look at. Don’t suffer through debilitating headaches that might be fixed in the snap of a finger (or neck) any longer.

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How to Choose the Best Chiropractor in TC MI [For You]

Chances are that you have tried one of us out or are curious to try. However, there are also some cases of chiropractors doing a bad job. Being human, it is natural to feel uneasy when you hear of chiropractic cases gone bad. Such cases should not discourage you to try chiropractic care. As it is with other professions, there are both bad and good chiropractors. When it comes to selecting a chiropractor, it is good to take your time to weed out the bad ones and end up with the good. Luckily, phony chiropractors are few due to tight restrictions by governments. Here are some things you can do to find the best chiropractor in TC for you.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Chiropractor in TC

  1. Do Your Research: The importance of doing research cannot be stressed enough. Depending on the complication you are experiencing, there are different procedures that can be administered because some of the techniques are a bit complex. Get to know what you need to have done before visiting a chiropractor. Doing so will help you know which questions to ask. For instance, you can ask the chiropractor over the phone how much experience they have in a certain You can find such information on the Internet or medical journals.
  2. Ask About Their Academic Qualifications: A chiropractor has to undergo a minimum of four years of professional study. The professional study is preceded by four years of undergraduate education in a course that is related to medicine and chiropractic. Academic qualifications are a very important factor to consider. You can even ask if they have pursued further education i.e. specialized in nutrition, radiology, orthodontics or any other medical field. The schools or colleges that they attended have the names of graduates so you can always check if the academic qualifications are legitimate.
  3. Inquire About the Estimated Cost and Payment Options: As a patient, it is your responsibility to know the price of the chiropractic procedure. You can inquire this from the chiropractor or their secretary. The fees stated should include fees for adjustments as well as others such as x-rays, MRI scans and also consultation fees. This will help you to choose the most affordable one. Another important consideration is consultation fees. Before asking anything, ask if they charge for a consultation. You could get billed for asking innocent questions about the services offered. Even if they charge a consultation fee, you can still benefit from their insight and their services too.

Also, when researching the best chiropractor in TC make sure to ask about payment options. Do they take your insurance? If you don’t have insurance or they do not take yours be sure to ask if they have payment plans. Also, ask about military, family or senior citizen discounts.

  1. Inquire About the Types of Services They Offer: One quality of a good chiropractor is that they can administer multiple types of techniques. Techniques such as neck adjustments, flexion distraction, massage therapy and spine adjustments should be familiar to a chiropractor. Ask the chiropractor about their experience administering these techniques and if they have received training in these areas. You can also ask which procedures they would recommend for different complications. If you get a puzzled look or uncertainty, you should look up the chiropractor online to see if they are legit.
  2. Length of Specific Treatment: Make sure they have a plan outlined with timelines on what the treatment will be and how long it should take. This helps with budgets and any surprises towards the end of your treatment.

It’s a big job choosing the best chiropractor in TC for you and your family but it’s worth the time to do your due diligence while making your choice. All in all, while the above recommendations are rock solid, you must pick a chiropractor that you feel good around and communicating with so you can receive the best chiropractic care.

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Experiencing Back Pain in TC? Seek Relief From Chiropractic

Many people experience back pain in their lifetime. It usually occurs for a few days and goes away for the next few years. It is the second most common neurological pain that is exceeded only by headaches. However, some cases of back pain are not serious and will go away after time. This type of pain is referred to as simple or mechanical back pain. It can be experienced in the upper back (between shoulder blades), lumbar vertebrae down to the buttocks. The pain can be sharp and cause a considerable amount of discomfort. Whether the pain is a simple one that will fade or has been nagging you for a long time….if you are suffering from back pain in TC, it might be time to see a chiropractor.

Having Back Pain in Northern MI?…Visit a Chiropractor!

A chiropractor is skilled in diagnosing and treating complications of the spine. Some people swear by chiropractic saying that it heals way faster than medication. This can be true for back pain. When you are having an episode of back pain, you might try doing some light exercises. This can increase the range of motion of the spine and potentially relieve tense muscles around the spine. Furthermore, a chiropractor will administer some techniques using his/ her hands on your spine for back pain relief. This hands-on method may help in relieving pressure on the spinal column helping to reduce your back pain.

When should you visit a chiropractor?

As soon as you notice back pain, you should consider seeing a chiropractor. You can benefit from chiropractic care whether you are experiencing short-term or recurring back pain. Studies have shown that most people who seek out chiropractic assistance for short term and medium term ailments find relief faster than when on medication. Another reason why you should visit a chiropractor for back pain in TC is to prevent further damage. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose an ailment by finding the exact spot from which the pain is coming. This is done during the physical examination at the chiropractor’s office. Early detection may help prevent a back problem from worsening and becoming sciatica.

Back pain treatment through chiropractic

When you visit a chiropractor, he or she will first do a quick examination of your back. They may also require some background information such as family medical history or previous injuries. The test is done as a step to diagnose the ailment. Once it is discovered, the chiropractor will draft an elaborate plan of action. It is very common for a spinal manipulation to be administered as a treatment for back pain. An adjustment is a basic technique in which the chiropractor uses his palm or finger to exert a small force on your vertebra. Spinal manipulation can help align misplaced intervertebral discs. This may help relieve back pain, as the spinal column is free of any complication.

Are these adjustments safe?

Chiropractic adjustments for back pain in TC are completely safe. Remember, chiropractors such as #BUSINESS# have extensively studied the skill of administering spine adjustments. Studies show that it is also safer than taking over the counter drugs for back pain relief that have been known to have adverse effects when used over a long period.

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the Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are a technique used to align misplaced vertebrae in the neck and back. The adjustments can be administered to provide relief for some ailments such as headaches, back pain, neck pain and many others. Among the misconceptions about chiropractic, one that stands out is the one about you being forced to get chiropractic adjustments for life but this is not true. People who have had spinal adjustments have reported feeling relieved and more rejuvenated. Due to the potential healing power chiropractic has, you might just find yourself wanting more and more. There are also other benefits associated with regular chiropractic adjustments from your TC Chiropractor….

4 Benefits of Visiting Your Local TC Chiropractor

  1. Restoration of Normal Joint Motion: When you have a problem with your spine or neck, you most likely have a limited range of motion. This can be due to a defect such as a sprained ligament or misaligned intervertebral disc. Besides this, the muscles surrounding the area could also become tense and potentially limit motion further. Chiropractic adjustments are focused on restoring the motion of your joints. Restoring this may open up any blocked neural transmissions and allow the body to heal. Furthermore, the tense muscles may free up after an adjustment and help to increase the range of motion of that area. Visiting an TC chiropractor such as River Of Life can help lead you to a healthier spine and more range of motion.
  2. Helps to Relieve Pain: When you go to a chiropractor, he or she will carry out a physical examination right after taking your medical history and information. The purpose of this exam is to identify the underlying cause of pain. When the misaligned vertebra or another anomaly is found, it may be able to be corrected through adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments have been known to offer relief for joint, neck and back pain. You may also get better quicker because once the spine is realigned; the issue causing the pain can begin to heal. An exception is when you go for headache relief. Most people think that you must be experiencing a headache for you to go to a chiropractor but, they can treat recurrent headaches even though they aren’t present during treatment.
  3. Helps Your Body to Function at its Optimal Level: Chiropractic adjustments are a great way to maintain overall body health. When you get an adjustment done, it helps insure that your bones are in line and that you are experiencing normal joint movement and function. This can help you to move efficiently as well as maximize your body strength. This might be the reason that athletes regularly visit a chiropractor to get adjustments done. Apart from potential relief from injuries, the athletes may be more agile and be able to move swiftly.
  4. Relief From Old Injuries: Although it is advised to see your TC chiropractor soon after getting injured you can and should get seen for old injuries. Old injuries can be nagging with episodes of pain and discomfort every once in a while. Apart from this, injuries from trauma can also reduce the motion of the affected area e.g. shoulder, knee, ankle, Getting regular adjustments from the chiropractor helps to reduce the pain and discomfort of old injuries. Chiropractic is perfect for such injuries because it can potentially get to the cause of the problem rather than numbing the pain like conventional medicine.

As you can see there are many potential benefits from chiropractic care. No matter if you have had some sort of accident, or you just want to get all lined up and feeling healthy, it may just be time for you to contact a chiropractor.

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Chiropractor in Traverse City Answers Questions About Chiropractic for Children

If you are considering chiropractic in TC for your child you will love the following information. Chiropractic has potentially amazing healing properties and health benefits. People who pay their chiropractor a visit regularly can attest to this. With such health benefits, it would be unfair not to share with children. Children grow up at a very fast rate. This means that they will have significant bone formation over a short period. Chiropractic care can help your child in their formative years and help maintain good health over a long period. Some people will recommend that you start your child’s chiropractic care during pregnancy and continue after birth. This practice has however been questioned on its effectiveness.

What Conditions Can My Chiropractor in TC Help My Child With?

The common spinal and neck manipulation techniques that are administered to adults may also work for children. For example, children can receive chiropractic care for neck and back pain. He or she will be taken through neck and back adjustments respectively. Apart from neck and back pain, chiropractic may be able to help children with ear infections, colic, difficulties in breastfeeding, asthmatic complications, and bed-wetting. Some procedures will be undertaken to provide relief for specific conditions. However, a physical examination is mandatory to know which steps to take. Make sure that when you visit your chiropractor in Traverse City that you give him very thorough explanation of anything and everything your child is experiencing so that they can provide the most accurate diagnosis.


Many critics will ask, “Are chiropractors qualified to perform on children?” The answer is yes. Pediatric chiropractors have to undergo training in a college that is recognized by the International Chiropractic Association. One will have to take the postgraduate “Diploma in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics” course. The course runs for 360 classroom hours and has thirty modules. This course ensures that your child will receive professional care for childhood illnesses. Before taking your child to a chiropractor, you can check if they are qualified to carry out pediatric chiropractic procedures.

Effectiveness of Pediatric Chiropractic

Your child’s chiropractor in TC can help to give them a solid foundation in childhood health. The American Chiropractors Association, as well as the International Chiropractors Association, acknowledge and approve of chiropractic for children. Apart from the ailments mentioned earlier, chiropractic has the potential to treat more complex diseases. Chiropractors may be able to treat serious conditions such as cerebral palsy, uveitis, epilepsy, ADHD, myasthenia gravis and also Tourette’s syndrome. Chiropractic aims at treating these conditions by detecting subluxations such as misaligned spine bones and correcting them. Many pediatric chiropractors recommend that a child should visit six to twelve times in a year for good spine health.

Is Chiropractic For Children Safe?

Generally, chiropractic is the safest form of medicine around. There is low risk of complications that are common with conventional medicine. However, there is some degree of risk in performing adjustments in children. One good example is chiropractic adjustments for newborn babies. When a baby is born, it might experience neck problems as a result of the head pressing on the cervical vertebrae during birth. This could cause the Atlas bone to be misaligned. It is very difficult to detect a misalignment under a layer of baby fat and a neck adjustment could do more harm than good. The habit of referring children for multiple chiropractic adjustments for years has also been questioned. This is after it was found that for some ailments such as asthma, chiropractic might offer the same results as other treatments.

If you are still unsure if chiropractic is good for your child, it is recommended to set up a consultation with a chiropractor in TC to go over any unanswered questions.

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Common Question- Is Chriropractic Care Safe? Dr. Halulko In Traverse City Sounds Off

Are you considering chiropractic in Traverse City and curious if it is safe? Well, that is a very common concern since people have been questioning the safety of chiropractic for years. Forums on the Internet have discussed this topic almost to exhaustion, and more publications continue to critique this form of medicine. However, chiropractic is said to be one of the safest drug-free therapies for neurological and skeletal conditions. Furthermore, it involves non-invasive procedures hence eliminating the risk of complications from surgery. Chiropractic adjustments are generally safe and have been in use for more than two millennia if you consider ancient Chinese therapies. However, as with any other field of medicine, there is no absence of risk.

Will I  Experience Soreness After an Adjustment?

Most people who choose chiropractic in Traverse City for adjustments or even deep tissue massage can experience relief almost immediately. The spine, cartilage, ligaments and joins can be relieved of tension which may allow the body to heal faster by it’s own mechanism. The good news is, the success rate is high for chiropractic patients. However, some people will complain of soreness after an adjustment. This is common for spinal manipulation. Aching and stiffness of the muscles are not major complications as they also are a consequence of some exercises. Furthermore, the stiffness or aching should not last for more than 24 hours.

Is Treatment for Neck Pain Safe?

Of all the criticism facing chiropractic treatment methods, the most common one is the risk of neck manipulation. It is said that you can get a stroke when the chiropractor is working on your neck. To clear the air, it is important to know which kind of stroke this is and why it occurs. Cervical or neck manipulation involves adjusting the cervical bone to align with the others. This relieves pain from muscle spasms and increases the range of motion of the joint. It is administered to relieve neck pain and some headaches. In the neck, there is the carotid artery that very rarely is injured abut could cause a stroke if injured. However, this kind of stroke is very rare and occurs in patients who had pre-existing artery conditions. Only three patients in 1,000,000 have been recorded to develop this rare stroke after neck manipulation deeming chiropractic neck adjustments very safe.

Talk to a Doctor of Chiropractic in TC MI About Your Condition

If you are planning to undergo a neck adjustment, it is good to be very vivid with the chiropractor. Explain to them your condition in full detail. Basically, tell them of your symptoms, how and when they started and the level of pain or discomfort you are experiencing. This will enable the chiropractor to come up with the safest way to treat you. High-velocity neck manipulation doesn’t have to be a risky affair.

Comparison With Conventional Treatment

When the safety of chiropractic is questioned, it should be compared to conventional treatment alternatives especially in cases of trauma and injury such as those from a car accident. This is what makes chiropractic safe. When the risks of the neck and spinal manipulation are compared to the risk from other forms of treatment for neck pain and headaches, chiropractic seems to be safer. Nowadays, many prescription drugs for pain relief contain hydrocodone and oxycodone, which account for most of the accidental deaths from painkillers. More than 15,000 deaths occur from overdosing on painkillers per year. Using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) three times a day increases the risk of gastrointestinal complications and hemorrhages and this number is much worse in senior citizens.

So, it seems chiropractic is a safe way to treat injuries and ailments that have to do with the neck and spine. Just make sure you put forth a good effort in choosing who will be administering your chiropractic in TC, as this just may be the best thing you ever did for your spinal health.

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Car Accident Traverse City: Heal Your Injuries Through Chiropractic

Chiropractic is an alternative form of medicine, which uses a hands-on approach to healing the human body. It is based on neurological analysis of the patient to determine the type of procedure to be performed. Chiropractic aims at relieving tension in soft tissues, the spinal column and joints. In most car accidents, the physical injuries from trauma affect the areas mentioned and can cause neck problems, muscle damage and dislocated joints. Your spine is also at great danger of getting damaged in a car accident. With that said, if you have been in a car accident in TC MI, it may make sense for you to visit a chiropractor and get checked out just to be on the safe side.

4 Ways Chiropractic Can Help if You’ve Had a Car Accident in TC Michigan

  1. Whiplash: A whiplash injury occurs due to the sudden movement of the head and neck during an accident and is caused by the body jerking forward causing the head to move in any direction i.e. back and forth or sideways. Whiplash is experienced on impact and can cause extensive damage to the spine. Apart from experiencing brutal pain, headaches, blurry vision, dizziness, stiffness of the neck and also back pain, if whiplash is not treated early, it can lead to much bigger problems in the future. The problem is that the symptoms of whiplash can take days or even months to manifest themselves. A chiropractor can help to detect whiplash injuries and treat them early. If you have had a car accident in TC MI it is highly recommended you visit a chiropractor such as, #BUSINESS# to make sure you do not have an injury like whiplash that needs to be treated right away.
  2. Torn Ligaments: The human body has its limits. When these are exceeded, the body cannot hold together and is disoriented as it is in vehicle accidents. One example is the stretching of ligaments. In an accident, the body is jarred causing strain to the ligaments. Since the shock in accidents is relatively great, your ligaments can stretch or tear during a car accident. A torn ligament can cause discomfort, pain and also a limited range of motion. Chiropractors are trained to manipulate joints and facilitate healing in those areas. Torn or stretched ligaments may be corrected by a chiropractor including those in your spine, which can cause chronic back pain.
  3. Back and Neck Pain: Of the many complications that accident victims complain about, back pain and neck pain are at the very top. Neck injuries from whiplash and back injuries from trauma are common. The general advice is to go see a doctor for pain medication. However, this might just postpone the problem instead of nipping it in the bud. Back pain can be caused by shifting or stretching of intervertebral discs that are between the bones in your spinal column. Pain medication only soothes the pain while chiropractic can work to correct the problem and work on the imperfections in the spine. Chiropractic neck adjustments also help with neck pain. If neck pain or injuries aren’t treated, it can cause constant headaches to the victim.
  4. Scar Tissue Injuries: Most victims of a car accident are not aware of the long-term effects on the body. One such phenomenon is scar tissue from injuries. When you experience soft tissue damage, the tissues heal after a while but leave a scar. A scar in your muscles can cause pain and discomfort. In the spine or neck, however, the stakes are higher. Scar tissue formation in discs and ligaments can cause back problems, headaches, osteoarthritis and also a lot of pain. Scar tissue formation may be corrected by a chiropractor to help improve your health condition after an accident.

The bottom line here is…your spine can take a beating during a car accident! If you have had a car accident in Traverse City MI you should really take a minute to visit a chiropractor, such as River Of Life, just to make sure there is nothing out of line that might cause immediate pain and/or chronic issues further down the road.

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5 Star Chiropractor in Traverse City Answers How Chiropractic Works

Chiropractic is a form of medicine that has been around for more than a century. It has surpassed other forms of medicine and is the most popular alternative form of medicine today. Regardless of such a feat, some people still do not trust or are not fully sold on the chiropractic healing methods. Others have resulted to critiquing chiropractic saying it is a scam and a superficial practice. With the Internet and some previous cases of unprofessional chiropractors, a lot of criticism has been thrown on chiropractic. Hopefully, this piece of writing will clear the air on how chiropractic in Traverse City works once and for all.

Innate Intelligence and Your Neural System

In the last decade of the 19th century, a man named D.D Palmer came up with the form of medicine that we know as chiropractic. Chiropractic was not thought up but rather was a result of rigorous research and experimentation. D.D Palmer, who was previously a magnetic healer, got the chance to experiment his research on a partially deaf janitor. He administered a spine adjustment to the patient who later reported that his hearing got better. The relation of the patient’s hearing with a misalignment in the spinal column confirmed Palmer’s belief on an innate intelligence running through the neural system. Correcting problems in the neural network particularly the spine may relieve complications in other parts of the body.

Your Body is Interconnected

Palmer’s theory on innate intelligence has been challenged time and again. However, there is no denying that the human body is interconnected with nerves and neurons. This means that pain can be experienced in an area that is not injured. For example, most recurring headaches emanate from tension in the neck muscles and cervical vertebrae. The best chiropractor in Traverse City uses this concept to treat patients experiencing pain or complications. Most of the problems experienced are a result of an abnormality in your spine.

Complications That Can Be Treated Through Chiropractic in Traverse City

•    Whiplash: Whiplash injuries are a result of the head jarring in any direction following trauma. This is common in car accidents and can be felt even for minor crashes. Whiplash injuries cause the cervical intervertebral discs to sprain or stretch and tear. This can be corrected through flexion distraction, which exerts a pumping force to align these discs. Manual therapy and soft tissue massage are also used.
•    Back pain: Many people who complain of back pain usually have bad posture. This, along with trauma, can cause back pain that can limit your motion. Back pain may be corrected through spinal adjustments that can relieve tension in the spine as well as the tissues around.
•    Headaches: It is true that you can receive treatment for headaches from your chiropractor. This is because headaches usually emanate from tension in the neck. This tension travels up your spine and causes sharp migraines and headaches. For treatment of headaches, delicate neck adjustments can be administered as well as a therapeutic massage on the neck muscles.
Adjustments are a technique used by chiropractors where they apply force on a vertebra in your spine potentially alleviating pain and pressure from the area. A popping sound can be heard during adjustments but don’t worry…this is just trapped air escaping from the intervertebral discs and ligaments. Seeing a chiropractor in Traverse City has also been known to provide relief for many more illnesses.
Suffering from chronic neck pain, back pain or headaches? It’s time to contact River of Life, your 5 Star Chiropractor in Traverse City.

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Yoga Can Help Keep Your Chiropractic Adjustment In Place Longer

Many patients have a problem of maintaining their chiropractic adjustments long enough. That may happen due to many reasons, including failure to abandon poor body postures or not figuring out which types of exercises can help improve the posture. Yoga is increasingly becoming popular around the world, with an estimated 20 million people in the US investing their time and money to learn and adopt the best yoga practices. Combining yoga and chiropractic care has been confirmed to offer even more benefits to patients. If they perform the best yoga poses before and after chiropractic adjustment, they are likely to learn how to keep the spine properly aligned over longer periods of time and heal better.

There are many reasons why yoga can be used to maintain the results achieved with chiropractic adjustment. The top chiropractic benefits of yoga include but are not limited to the following:

Keeping the spine aligned properly

Yoga poses can help you to realign the spine, and that’s also what chiropractic care is all about. When performing yoga, your body is encouraged to maintain natural postures. That makes you more aware of the need to maintain proper body posture even as you go on performing other day to day activities. Through yoga your body trains to keep your spine aligned properly, so the risk of undoing any chiropractic adjustments is significantly reduced. Remaining calm through a yoga session, can improve your sense of well being and help you sleep better.

Strengthening the back and core muscles

The core muscles play a critical role in supporting your back as the body shifts its weight to many possible positions. Certain yoga poses target and train the core muscles to make them stronger. That helps to perform a variety of normal activities without the core muscles failing in their role of supporting the spine. As long as the core muscles are strong, the risk of exerting more pressure on the spine and misaligning it is significantly minimized.

Improving mobility

Yoga improves the mobility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons as they are stretched through many poses you can practice. So the functioning of the spine and the soft tissues around it is optimized. Chiropractic issues increase with poor mobility, so yoga and a variety of stretching exercises can be very useful preventing such problems. So after your chiropractic adjustment yoga should help you maintain the results you gain much longer. Regularly performing yoga exercises means that you are not sitting longer than necessarily, but you are moving around and stretching your body muscles to relieve any stress that causes issues of chiropractic nature.

Toning body muscles and losing weight

Yoga like other exercises deals with stress and similar problems that may be the cause of overeating and gaining more weight. With yoga poses you only focus on the positive gains you want to make. The poses encourage breathing techniques that increase oxygen supply into your body including the central nervous system. The exercises have the effect of getting your body in shape, losing weight and in turn minimizing or eliminating many possible pain issues. Stay tuned for more great tips from River Of Life.

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Corporate Wellness Pro Tip: Preventative Chiropractic Helps Prevent Sick Leave

Employee sick leave caused by physical hazards at the workplace can increase a company’s down time. Chiropractic care can help prevent such work absenteeism and improve work productivity. Doctors who provide chiropractic care are known as chiropractors. These doctors are specialists in the muscular skeletal system which involves the muscles, joints and bones as well as the nervous system which coordinates the body’s functions. Chiropractors diagnose and treat conditions affecting the muscular skeletal and nervous system without use of drugs or surgery.


Common illnesses that call for sick leave


Many workers will stay away from work when they have mental or physical illness. Some of the common illnesses that make employees not to report to work include:


  • Back pain – back pain from prolonged sitting hours is reportedly among the leading causes of work absenteeism and can lead to disability or other chronic conditions.
  • Neck and shoulder pain – poor sitting posture is the leading cause of these pains for most workers
  • Headaches and migraines – these are caused by a number of issues including long hours working on a desktop
  • Fatigue and stress – these happen when you overwork your mind and body
  • Work injury – repetitive movements or poor lifting can cause muscle or joint injury


How chiropractic helps to reduce sick leave in Traverse City


Organ and cell function in the body is controlled by many nerves that travel through the spinal canal. Irritation or compression of the spinal joints and nerves can block flow of food nutrients to the nerves and poor nerve flow can lead to poor body function. Chiropractic care therefore applies the principle of aligning the spine to its rightful position manually and using nutrition to create an environment where the body will heal naturally.


Poor sitting posture at work or muscle strain can pull the vertebrae out of place and cause inflammation or joint pain. This may often result to fatigue, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and general stress. The manual therapy focuses on repositioning displaced vertebra that may be pressing on the body’s nerves. Nerve function also relies on nutrition and that is why chiropractors advocate for good nutrition on your diets. Spine manipulation will promote good nerve flow for normal body functioning.


Chiropractic adjustments can give faster recovery to these complications than typical practitioner care. With good chiropractic care, you will have an improved body function, flexibility and mobility to resume work quickly. Getting adjusted can help in reducing the number of times you will be on sick leave.


Need for corporate chiropractic care


Chiropractic care for workers can include preventative measures that will help reduce injuries like spinal screening that will lead to chiropractic treatment and professional advice on nutrition, ergonomic or postural issues.


Both employers and employees can evaluate the health-related issues that increase absenteeism and work towards improving working conditions that contribute to either physical or mental pain. For instance, areas that cause physical stress like making repetitive movements and sitting or standing all day can be improved with new methods that eliminate the stressful conditions.


Managers wishing to reduce sick leave cases in their organizations can consider highlighting the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle which can include routine chiropractic sessions. Chiropractic care is a preventative approach that organizations can take for a happier and healthier workforce that will reduce the cost of hiring new personnel.

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